How to build a silver jewellery collection

Every woman wants to flaunt a collection of jewellery. Now this may not just be to show off. Jewellery buying is also about investment. It thus pays to have a good jewellery collection. And when it comes to silver jewellery it is even better. Silver is not as pricey as gold. So this means that if you budget well you can quickly build on your sets. You may want to set a fixed amount every month. And when this amount reaches a particular value, you can go and buy the silver pieces. The advantage of this is that you have something to wear for every occasion. Silver jewellery is good for this. You can team it up with anything. Be it Western wear or Indian wear, silver goes with it. As mentioned buying silver also adds to your financial status.

So now that you understand why silver is a great choice let us understand how to build on the collection. The idea is to go slow and steady. If you are consistent and disciplined then you can build the sets in no time.

Plan your expenses

Do not go overboard when buying jewellery. You need to go slow. However, it is important to buy every few months. So, it is vital that you set a fixed amount of cash every month. Keep it somewhere separate. So, you will not use it for home expenses. Now once you do that you will slowly make a bulk. Go ahead and purchase the jewellery of your choice with it.

Buy online

There are benefits to buying online. You will save money. So even if it is a small saving it adds up. Every penny counts right? So go online for choices and the best bargain. This can help you in the long run. It is a crucial part when you think of buying silver.

How to stock your box

This is interesting. How do you go about buying silver jewellery? The idea is clear. You need to have a mix. So it’s not possible that you just keep buying necklaces and no earrings, right? Thus, the idea is to have variety. So how do you plan it? Well, to name it there are some essentials. You have necklaces that you will need. You will wear them on special occasions. Then you should buy chain pendants. This is for everyday wear and office use. Earrings come next in line. You need earrings each day. You can add bracelets and anklets to the collection.

These are some of the main pieces of silver jewellery that you should have. Let us discuss how you should purchase each.


You will need necklaces for everything. Be it a formal event or a traditional party. You also wear necklaces when going to work or at home. Buy the contemporary layered necklace for a Western look. The silver ever-shining diamond necklace set is a great addition to your Indian attire look. The multi-diamond minimal silver necklaces is what you will need for office wear. You can also wear it at home and to run errands. So how about you start getting these pieces into your box first?

Chain pendants

These chain pendants are subtle. You can wear the silver chain for women for informal or formal occasions. These are trendy and it pays to have them. The tree-layered necklace is perfect if you are wearing any attire with a deep neck. The button necklace goes well with a formal jacket. The heart diamond necklace gives you a very minimal look.


Add next to the earrings collection. Go for over-lapped hoop earrings for simplicity. The pretty petal earrings are perfect for functions. The tone leaf drop is again something that goes with traditional wear. The shiny square earning is a stud. It is important to have the real silver earrings for office and formal occasions. The cubic zircon diamond stud is flashy and apt for a rich look.


Bracelets are in trend these days. The hollow circle bracelet is smart and chic. The simple stick bracelet is perfect if you do not want something very flashy. The row pave adjustable bracelet blends with your party look. The pink petal star bracelet brings in a very feminine look. Get a few collections of real silver bracelet as well.


We love anklets. It gives you a touch of feminity. The multi-round adjustable anklet is a no-miss. The dainty charm anklet gives your feet a pronounced look. The interlink-designed anklets give a soft touch to your legs.


The idea is simple. You need to plan well to build on your collection. You will need Western and Indian designs to wear to occasions. Then you want something for office wear. You also want something to wear on a daily basis. You may also want to buy certain stuff that can blend into a Western as well as an Indian outfit. It will take time but then this collection is worth it.

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