14 Things To Know Before Choosing A Gynaecologist

History states that in 2012 the shortfall of gynaecologists was pretty high at 69.7%. However, it increased to 79.5% in 2022! According to Indian Public Health Standards, CHC is important to be manned by four medical specialists and among the lot gynaecologists is one at the top.

As per the statistics revealed on March 31st, 2022, 21,920 specialist doctors were needed in rural areas across India. But only 4485 were available. These metrics clearly portray the importance of a good gynaecologist these days. With such a shortfall on the rise, choosing the best name you can find within the limited few is vital.

14 things to know before selecting a gynaecologist:

Searching for the best gynaecologist is always the primary call to action. With such a limited number, people might end up with the first name that comes up on their computer screen. But that’s not a clever point to address. Here, you will learn about 14 necessary things to consider before getting a gynaecologist appointment.

  1. Looking at the reputation:

You are about to share some of your most emotional secrets with your gynaecologist. So, you want someone who can provide you with thorough details of the pregnancy journey and also keep your information secret. Look at the reputation of the gynaecologists before moving on with anyone. You want someone who can support you when you are at your vulnerable stage.

  1. Part of your insurance plans:

If you own health insurance, your policy should identify the gynaecologists within your area. There are different rules involved, so you need to find out what your costs will be once you pick a doctor who is out of the network plan.

  1. Get referrals:

You should probably have a friend or family member who has gone through the seriousness of pregnancy as you do. Asking them for their references can help you bag the services of a reputed gynaecologist. Keep their advice in mind before moving on with the consultation period.

  1. Your research is the key:

No matter how many names you have gathered from your friends, doing your own independent research is the key to finding the best gynaecologist within your locality. Yes, this step will take time but it’s worth the wait.

  1. Research for their credentials:

When selecting a gynaecologist, board certification is a crucial point to address. It shows that your chosen doctor has the necessary skills, training and experience needed to offer obstetric care.

  1. Confirming about malpractice:

Before finalising a gynaecologist, you have to check that the doctor has no malpractice claim records or disciplinary actions against his name. You can check out his medical school, training hospital and certifications before finalising his services.

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  1. Selecting a clinic or hospital:

Choosing the best clinic is important. There are times when you might have to stay in the hospital for checkups for multiple days. Communicate with the staff to get extra details about your chosen gynaecologist working with the same clinic or hospital.

  1. Gender matters to some:

Studies have shown that women prefer working with a female gynaecologist because of the mental stress they are about to share. However, it is recommended to choose a doctor based on skill rather than gender. But for delivery, choose what seems to be the most comfortable point.

  1. Qualifications to handle:

It is vital to select a gynaecologist who is also playing the role of an obstetrician. Depending on your pregnancy, select one specialising in high-risk pregnancies. Try finding a doctor with higher success rates in handling cases similar to yours.

  1. Reviews can clear your head a bit:

Social media and some neighbourhood apps can provide you with valuable insights into a doctor’s communication skills, philosophy and personality. However, online reviews are less reliable than those you get from people you trust.

  1. Ask for their delivery procedures:

See if your chosen gynaecologist is the one who will help deliver your child. Ask if she has any planned vacation scheduled near the due date. If you want to work with the same doctor to help you with your delivery, then choose accordingly.

  1. Focus on their communication style:

You want to work with a gynaecologist who is always a call away. So, always ask for the communication style beforehand.

  1. Location matters a lot:

It is recommended to look for a gynaecologist who is located near your residential address. The last thing you want to do is visit a doctor who stays hours away from your location, especially during emergencies.

  1. The patience he has:

You want to work with a gynaecologist who is not in a hurry to complete his routine checkups. He should provide you ample time to get your queries answered.

The final say:

These are the top 14 points to keep in mind before selecting a gynaecologist for your pregnancy journey. It will take time to catch up with the best names in the market, but with helpful tips, you will contact one in no time.


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