Trekking to Paradise on the Triund in McLeod Ganj


Trekkers and environment lovers can find heaven in Himachal Pradesh’s Triund Trek in the Dhauladhar Range. This journey offers stunning views and a spiritual connection at a stone’s throw from McLeod Ganj, the spiritual hub noted for its Tibetan culture and the Dalai Lama’s palace.

The Triund Trek’s accessibility and stunning environment make it appealing. This hike provides something for everyone, from beginners to experts. The trip combines natural beauty, peaceful scenery, and kind folks. Ascending through thick woodlands yields breathtaking views that make the walk unforgettable. This blog will take you on the Triund Trek to heaven in McLeod Ganj and reveal its beauty and wonder.

Getting There

Before commencing the Triund Trek, plan your travel to McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj, a picturesque Kangra Valley town, is known for Tibetan culture and spirituality. How to get there and trip prep:

How to reach McLeod Ganj: McLeod Ganj is easily accessible by road from Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar via Dharamshala, the nearest large city and transportation center. Taxis and buses carry you to Dharamshala. McLeod Ganj is 6 kilometers from Dharamshala.

The starting point of the Triund Trek: Gallu Devi Temple, 2 kilometers from McLeod Ganj’s main center, is the Triund Trek’s starting point. You can walk or take a taxi to Gallu Devi Temple.

Permits and regulations: Trekking to Triund requires no permits, however, you should verify the rules before going. To stay safe on the hike, register at the forest checkpoint.

Trail Summary

The Triund Trek combines adventure and nature perfectly. This section covers the trail’s details, difficulty level, distance, anticipated hiking time, and notable landmarks:

Difficulty Level and Suitability for Beginners: The Triund Trek is reasonably easy, making it suited for novices and seasoned hikers. The well-marked trail, gentle slope, and rudimentary facilities make it accessible to many enthusiasts. However, you must be fit and wear proper trekking gear.

Distance and Estimated Trekking Time: From Gallu Devi Temple, the one-way journey to Triund is 9 kilometres. It takes 4–6 hours to reach Triund, depending on pace and pauses. Three to four hours are needed to return to Gallu Devi Temple.

Highlighted Landmarks: The trek to Triund is about the journey as much as the goal. You’ll pass various landmarks that enhance the walk. Gallu Devi Temple, Magic View Cafe, and Triund Hill are stunning.

Trekking Experience

The Triund walk promises an exciting walk with natural beauty, unique flora and fauna, varied weather, and some challenges. See what to anticipate on your trip:

Trail Scenic Beauty: The trail ascends through pine-scented forests, offering spectacular views at every turn. You look down on the Kangra Valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar Range. The changing lighting on the countryside is wonderful.

Flora and Fauna: The walk has a variety of plants and fauna. Look for rhododendrons and other colourful wildflowers and birds. You may see mountain goats, called “ghoral,” or the rare Himalayan black bear.

Weather: The Triund Trek has changeable weather. Before beginning, check the forecast and bring layers to adjust to changing conditions. Winter snowfall turns the terrain into a magical wonderland, while summer provides excellent trekking weather.

Challenges and Precautions: The trek is accessible, but expect steep and rocky stretches, especially near the summit. Bring strong hiking shoes, water, and energy-boosting snacks. Consider altitude sickness symptoms and climb slowly to acclimatise.

Triund Trail hiking is a sensory experience that connects you to nature, its beauty, and your physical and mental strength. 

Camp at Triund

Camping in Triund is a highlight of the walk. It offers a rare chance to sleep under the Himalayan stars in unspoiled nature. What to know about Triund camping:

Setting Up Camps: Triund offers several designated camping places, making it easy to pick a spot for your tent. McLeod Ganj rents camping gear and local businesses rent pre-set tents. Reach Triund with enough daylight to camp comfortably.

Facilities and Accommodation: Triund offers primitive camping with clean toilets and food vendors. A few guesthouses and cafes offer rooms and hot meals for greater comfort.

Camping Essentials & Packing List: Bring a strong tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes (even in summer), a headlamp and a portable stove to cook meals. Bring enough water and energy snacks.

Sunset and Stargazing in Triund: Camping at Triund is a delight is watching the Kangra Valley sunset. The clear mountain sky let the stars and constellations shine at night, making it ideal for stargazing and astrophotography.

Camping at Triund lets you enjoy the tranquilly of the Himalayas, and waking up to mountain views is magical. 

Local Cuisine and Culture

The Triund Trek begins at McLeod Ganj, a Tibetan-influenced cultural hub and trekker’s paradise. We’ll explore McLeod Ganj’s vibrant culture and delicious cuisine in this section:

Meeting the Locals: McLeod Ganj’s Tibetan populace is friendly and willing to share their culture and history. Conversations, monasteries, and discussions can help you understand Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan people’s struggle.

Tibetan influence on McLeod Ganj: Tibetan monasteries, prayer flags, and Buddhist stupas create a peaceful ambiance. Dalai Lama’s Tsuglagkhang Complex is a major attraction. See monks perform daily rites at Namgyal Monastery and learn about Tibetan history at the Tibet Museum.

Must-Try Local Dishes and Eateries: Tibetan food is a must-try in McLeod Ganj. Local restaurants and street vendors serve momos, thukpa, and Tibetan bread with yak butter tea. Local bakers’ fresh bread smell is tempting.

McLeod Ganj’s culture and cuisine enrich your Triund Trek. It’s a chance to connect with the locals and explore their culture as well as the physical challenge. 


Every step on the Triund Trek brings you closer to nature’s beauty, tranquilly, and self-discovery. As this blog has shown, McLeod Ganj and Triund provide more than just a physical adventure. You may also experience Tibetan culture, great food, and the warmth of the local community.

It’s a trek for beginners and experts, with enormous benefits. The Triund Trek offers mountain views, spiritual awakening, and an escape from the everyday.

Waiting for what? Head to McLeod Ganj for the amazing Triund Trek with your hiking gear and adventure spirit. As you climb, may the Himalayas reveal their secrets and leave an indelible impact on your heart, as it has for many.

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