How to style your dresses with silver jewellery

Do you have several silver jewellery in your collection? Or are you planning to add more to your jewellery box? Then go ahead. This is because you can wear silver with almost anything. However, if you are not really sure of ways to match your attire with silver pieces then read on.

You have a function to attend. You open your clothes wardrobe. You pull out your jewellery box. And then you stand gazing as to what to wear and how to accessorise it. If you face this difficulty then we have you covered. 

Let’s discuss some outfits and the kind of silver jewellery that you can wear with it. This will indeed make your task easy.

Western outfits

Do you have a formal party to attend? Then you may decide to wear a western piece. It could be a single-piece dress. Or maybe a top with a skirt. Whatever it you would have picked something with a statement neck design. And to bring out that look you need to wear a classy real silver jewellery neckpiece. If you have a deep neckline then wear the contemporary layered necklace. Or a tear drop set necklace set with earrings is also a great choice. Basically, it will highlight your neck. This will make your dress as well as the necklace stand out.

Office wear

You go to work daily. You may thus have many formal dresses in your closet. And you are looking for some jewellery to wear with it. Now here you don’t want the pieces to be very bold. These need to be smart and subtle. You can pick the silver crystal circle diamond necklace set. Basically, it is a thin chain with a circle shaped pendant. It is classy and throws a very formal look. The leafy chain necklace set is also an option. Go for the least design on it. It is simple but the design does draw attention. This again has a sophisticated look to it. So you can easily wear it with your office wear.

Traditional attire

If you are wearing a kurta or a saree then you can wear the silver pieces with them too. Here you want something that has patterns in it. Basically, it has something of the ethnic kinds. Here you can pick the silver snowflake necklace set This has a pendant designed as snowflakes. The earrings are also of the same design. The jewellery will be a perfect blend in say sarees and suits. It is not very flashy but at the same time, it shows. The star pave necklace set is also a great pick for traditional wear. This has a bold pendant design. The earrings are similar in design. Let the pendant dangle on the saree or kurta and let it grab attention.

Casual and nightwear

Why should you not have accessories for your night and casual wear? The multi diamond minimal necklace is perfect for nighttime. It can also be worn when you run your errands. The dual link chain layered necklace is also a great purchase. These too can be worn over your pyjamas. So you see the varieties of sterling silver jewelry for your night dress as well.

Designer wear

If you have been invited to a cocktail party. Then you may be wearing some formal dress. This is not your office formals. It could be a designer piece. And since it is evening it will be a dark colour choice. The silver square diamond pendant set is what you need for this occasion. The pendant looks smart. The earrings are of the same design. It is not very flashy. It is rather very simple and chic you carry your personality with grace when you wear this necklace set.

Jeans and top

Every lady loves this outfit. Jeans and a casual top is their go-to dress. However, why don’t you add some jewellery to it? The designer gold rose necklace set is a perfect choice. The silver flexy star necklace can also be worn with this dress. The idea is to look smart. These silver collections can do just that. You don’t have to look very flattery. Add these to your attire and you are good to go.


The above are some of the basic dress ideas and silver pieces with it. You can try them out. They look great. The sterling silver pieces are rich looking. However, they do not overshadow the look of your attire. You can thus try out these ideas. Or you can get creative and mix and match the combinations. At Ollu, you have a range of such silver 925 jewelry online India designs. You in fact have something to be worn with every outfit. You should definitely browse through the collection to see what grabs your attention. The designs are trendy and the sterling silver quality is maintained. This offers to bring out your look in whatever you wear.


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